Students Shine at Radiance – 2014


The Light of the World School, Miao played host to 450 students and 25 staff from 17 schools under the Newman Educational Society, conducting the Annual Interschool Sports Festival RADIANCE – 2014 organized by the Newman Educational Society, the Educational Wing of the Diocese of Miao. 

After the success of the First Radiance 2013 held in Roing in Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh, the students came together at Light of the World School in Miao, Changlang District to showcase their talents in the filed of sports and games. The 450 students from the 17 schools under the Newman Educational Society participated in the event with enthusiasm and perfect sportsmanship. 

Speaking on the inaugural function of the event, Hon’ble Honchun Ngandam MLA, Wakka – Pongchao circle, said, the events of this kind is very important as it will shape the students to face the challenges ahead and also it will discipline the students. “When I was a student like you, I did not get opportunity like you do – good schools, good teachers and good activities. You must be thankful to Newman Educational Society for this initiative to give you a platform to showcase your talents”, he said. He also thanked Bishop George for inviting him to encourage the students on this occasion.

Out of the 17 schools that participated in the event, the Newman School, Neotan became the overall Champion School, Krick and Bourry Memorial School, Tezu was the first runner up and the last year’s Champion school, St. Savio School, Kanubari was the second runner up. “When we left the school for the event we had only one goal – winning the Champion Trophy. I am very happy we did just that”, said Wilman from Newman School, Neotan.

Shri Chowna Mein, Minister of Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry & Dairy Development, Government of Arunachal Pradesh was the Chief Guest on the concluding day event on 19th October. Speaking to the students, he appreciated the work done by the Newman Educational Society in this region in the field of education. “I really thank Bishop George and his team for the great service they do here. I also very much like the idea of giving a sapling to the guests instead of the customary flower bouquet. It is a great thing and it helps promote environment safety. I hope many people like us take this a novel idea to safeguard ecology”, he said.  

Bishop George said, “I am so happy to see so many future leaders of our society gathered here in Miao. You have the capacity and you have what it takes to become leaders.” Expressing his sorrow at the number of young people going astray he said, ‘You have got to make a choice in life, having a focus and and setting your aim on your goal.” He advised the students to have no doubts. “Remove the ‘if’ from your mind because you will become what you want provided that you keep your focus and aim”, he added.

There were altogether 23 events during the course of the three-day event. The Marathon at the end of the competitions gave a fitting conclusion to the very well organized Sports Festival. “I am very happy to be here with the students of other schools. I have learned I am a part of not only one school school but I belong to Newman Educational Society. Thank you NES for shaping my future”, said a student from St. Savio School, Kanubari. “We are the future. We have the power to make a difference to our society. Let this Radiance experience help us radiate our life and our society”, said a student from Krick and Bourry Memorial School, Tezu at the evaluation. 

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