Seva Kendra Arunachal East observes World Environment Day

Seva Kendra Arunachal East (SKAE), the social service wing of the Diocese of Miao, observed the World Environment Day 2019 with a workshop on the theme “Air Pollution” at the Government School in Jothinkaikhe village in Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh.

Inaugurating the event, Mr. Mintu Mosahary, the programme coordinator of SKAE said that we cannot stop breathing but we can do something about the quality of air that we breathe.

Speaking to the participants as a special guest, Fr. Felix Anthony highlighted the interconnectedness of every creature. “Even the smallest insect has a role to play in keeping up the ecological balance of the environment. Any disturbance to this balance has catastrophic effect as we can see these days”, he said.

Highlighting the importance of caring for the future generation, he said, “Planting more trees is best way to show that we care for the environment and for our future generation”.

More than 200 plants of various species like ashoka, arjun, jackfruit, series and amla were planted at the end of the event, held in collaboration with Caritas India Farm programme.

At the end of program, the Chief of the village, Mr. Kamkhip Mungrey, thanked the organizers for observing the day at his humble village and encouraged people to plant more trees to improve the quality of the air.

(Report by Batang Mossang, SKAE)