OSMDL Gets Three Priests and a Deacon

Bishop George Pallipparambil of Miao Diocese ordained four candidates of Opera Sancta Maria Della Luche (OSMDL) as Priests and Deacon on 15 December at Namgo village.

Deacond Agnel George, Amaralapudi Vinod and Antony Merash were ordained Priests and Polimetla Ravi Teja as Deacon at Rosa Mystica School, #Namgo.

Father Shobychan Mathew, the Indian Superior of OSMDL presented the candidates.

Addressing the candidates, Bishop George said, “We live at a challenging period of our lifetimes. You are called to give good witness to the Gospel and Church”.

Cautioning them against mediocrity, Bishop said, “Away from Holy Mass and your spiritual duties as Priests will lead you to fall. History is a testimony to this fact. Be a Priest and not a social worker.

Held at Rosa Mystica School Campus, Namgo, the ordination was attended by Chiefs of Singpho villages around. The kids led the entrance procession and the felicitation held after the Ordination Ceremony.

“In the midst of so many bad news, may people hear the Good News from you and about you”, said Bishop George.

The FMA Sisters working in Bordumsa led the Choir during the Ordination, which was attended by Priests and Sisters from neigbouring communities.

Namgo is one of the small villages of Namsai district. The mission is manned by OSDML, or simply Congregation of Our Lady of Light.