Miao animates the Domestic Support Staff to Celebrate Girl Child Day

The Miao unit of the Catholic Religious in India (CRI) organized an Animation Programme for the domestic support staff from around Miao to celebrate the Birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary as Girl Child Day at the Sevakendra Training Centre, Namphai on 8 September 2019.

The domestic support staff in the convents and schools work restlessly without break, doing everything behind the four walls of the kitchen, said Sr. Anima Minj CM, the animator of the event. “We could not find a better way to give them a break and honour them for what they do without any expectation”, said the Carmelite Missionary Nun.

The 40 participants from around Miao had a packed day with sessions on self-esteem, health and hygiene, counseling and lessons on sex education.

The participants expressed gratitude and great joy at being part of an animation programme exclusively meant for them. “We thank our Sisters for taking this initiative to organise us on the birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary”, said one of the participants.

The CRI unit is planning to organize such animation in other parts of the Diocese too to encourage spiritual formation and to provide a platform to express to their grievances and concerns, said Sr. Sunita Parmar CM, the director of Sevakendra Arunachal East, the social service wing of Miao Diocese.

The Feast of the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary was observed across the Diocese with animation, cultural events and inner healing prayers.