Krick & Bourry Day is Celebrated in Miao Diocese

Miao Diocese, located in the north eastern most corner of India, remembered and honoured the Servants of God Krick and Bourry with fanfare, Bible Quiz and Interschool Football Tournament on 2nd August this year.

August 2 is observed by the Miao Diocese as Foundation Day, as according to available history Frs. Krick and Bourry were killed in Somme village in Arunachal Pradesh, on their way to Tibet, by the Mishmi Chief Kaisha on this day in the year 1854.  As the process of their Beatification is making slow progress, the Diocese of Miao organizes different events to honour these two pioneers every year.

KBM QUIZ 2015This year the Newman Educational Society, educational wing of the Diocese of Miao was involved in a well prepared and professionally conducted 3rd Interschool Quiz Competition, held at Mount Carmel School, Kumari on 1st August. The Quiz included questions from the lives of these two Servants of God, Gospel of Mark and the Book of Leviticus. There were 30 teams from the 15 schools of the Diocese, divided into two groups of Junior and Senior. St. Savio School, Kanubari became the Champion team in the senior level and Divine Word School, Roing, secured the First Prize in the junior section. The Krick and Bourry Memorial School (KBMS), Tezu was Second Runners Up in the senior level and First Runners Up in the junior group. The other winners of the Quiz competition are San Bonaventure School, Dumba, and St. George School, Deomali. “I am very grateful to God and Frs. Krick and Bourry for making us win two trophies in the Quiz Competition. We have been praying through their intercession for success. We feel our prayers have been heard”, said Nancy Bojoi of KBMS, Tezu. Frs. Jose SDB and Antony Athesu SDB were the Quiz masters this year. Frs. Jaison OCD and Santhosh OCD together with the Sisters’ Community, Daughters of St. Anns, played perfect host to the students and teachers gathered for the event.

Champion Team with the CO and StaffAn Interschool Football Tournament in honour of these two holy men was an added feature this year. Six schools participated in the First Krick and Bourry Memorial Trophy and the host, Newman School, Neotan became first champion of the event, defeating Government School, Naphai I, 2 – 0 in the final on 2nd August.  Mr. L. M. Naam, respected Circle Officer (CO), Kharsang, was there to encourage the students fighting for the coveted trophy. “You must learn from this experience to become determined and focused in your life to achieve your aim”, he told the students.

Rev. Fr. Jose Chemparathy SDB, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Miao and Vice postulator for the cause Beatification of Frs. Krick and Boury presided over the Holy mass. Speaking to the students of Newman School, Neotan, he said “I am very happy for you that you are the Champion Team. But you must become champion in the eyes of God too. Material things do not make us champions but Spiritual things do.” The boys symbolically presented the Trophy to Frs. Krick and Bourry, handing it over to Fr. Jose.  “You must follow the footsteps of Frs. Krick and Boury and imitate their zeal to evangelise Arunachal Pradesh”, he added.

The Diocese of Miao takes every effort to speed up the cause of beatification of these two pioneers of Christianity in Arunachal Pradesh. These were declared ‘Servants of God’ by Apostolic Nuncio to India, His Grace Salvatore Pennacchio, on the occasion of the Blessing of the new Bishop’s House at Miao in 2014. 

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