Borduira, the only place Mother Theresa visited in Arunachal celebrates Canonization and Erects a statue of the Mother

Borduria, Arunachal Pradesh: Borduria, the only place Mother Theresa visited in Arunachal Pradesh joined global celebration of her elevation to Sainthood on 4 September 2016 with procession and installing a statue of the Saint.

A small village in Tirap District of Arunachal Pradesh, Borduria, which literally means ‘Far away land’, feels proud today to say that it is the only place she visited in Arunachal Pradesh.

Remembering her visit in the year 1993 August 2, the villagers of Borduria joined the rest of the world with procession and a solemn Eucharistic Celebration officiated by Bishop George Pallipparambil, who was instrumental in bringing Mother Theresa’s visit to this village 23 years ago. “It was a very pressing need to bring Mother here”, recalled Bishop George. “Any child born with physical deformity was considered a curse to the family and so such children were thrown in the river immediately after birth. We requested Mother to come and open a house so that such children would be collected and brought up”. It was not easy to get the required permission for her visit. “The administration was not willing to give permission and hostile response to our request was visible. However, due to some kind people’s goodwill and support we managed to bring her to Borduria”, he said. She came and inaugurated the first Catholic Church in Arunachal Pradesh here in Borduria and also laid the foundation for the House for Missionaries of Charity (MC) Sisters here.

Celebrating the Canonization with the rest of the world, the people in Borduria remembered fondly of the Saint’s visit to their humble village. “23 Years has gone by after Mother’s visit but it feels like yesterday”, said Mr. Techa Tangddong whose father did the anchoring during her visit here. The anchor for today’s event Mr. Nawang Lowang Medam, said that his whole village felt blessed to see this day. “I was a small boy when she came and the memories of her visit are so vivid in my memory. It feels so great today to realize a Saint has walked on the streets of our village”, he said. Mrs. Wangalet Lowangcha, the wife of the man who was responsible for the spread of Church in east Arunahal Pradesh, spoke on the occasion about the visit of Mother Teresa to her village in a reminiscent manner.

The celebrations started with a huge procession from the general public ground in the village with a portrait of St. Mother Teresa of Kolkta leading to the first Church here that Mother Teresa came to inaugurate. To mark this event a statue of the Saint was installed at the entrance of the Church.

Sr. Bibiane MC the superior of the house that Mother Teresa came to lay foundation says, “I am very happy today because of our Mother is in Heaven. She is praying for us and the whole world for God’s Mercy.”

Bishop George said that the celebrations must not end here. “Mother Teresa challenges us today to be like her, loving God through His people. There should be many Teresas from among us to make a difference to the people, to make it a better place to live in” he said. “There is no great things but only small things with great love.”

The MC Sisters working in Borduria were felicitated during the cultural event by the villagers.

Prior to today’s celebration there was a series of animation for Youth, Women and Men groups in Borduria village yesterday and the people in Khonsa took out a candle-lit procession around Khonsa town with a photo of St. Mother Theresa of Kolkata and it concluded with a movie on the Saint.


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