Blessed Easter

Dear Friends,

Easter Greetings from Miao!

At Easter time, a lot of talks and reflection takes place on “the empty tomb”. A very deserving thought.  At this Easter, let us look at the tomb beginning with a supposed to be conversation between Pilate and Joseph of Arimathea. On hearing that Joseph had given his specially hewn tomb for Jesus, Pilate asked Joseph; “Joseph, you are such an educated, well respected man your community. How could you give your tomb to Jesus whom your authorities so detested?” Joseph’s reply was very casual but prophetic and filled with  meaning. “It’s just for a weekend!”

Along with the Jewish and Roman authorities, most people of any significance though that the whole episode of Jesus was over on Fridayevening. They never anticipated a disturbing Sunday, not just a once week Sunday but an eternal Sunday that would relegate the mighty Sabbath to the background and continue to disturb mankind for ever. For a few like Joseph of Arimathea and the pious women, it was not the end, not an empty tomb.

The women who went to the tomb found the angel who gave them the good news of the resurrection of Jesus. Coming out of it, they find Jesus himself. Jesus did not call them stay on with him or to join him in celebrating the victory but urges them to run and communicate the news of His resurrection to those close by first and then on to everyone.

At the tomb which was supposed to be the end began a never ending journey, the journey of faith. We are all part of it. It will not end.  blasts in the church in Egypt or the incidents in the church in India, it is all part of that journey started from that tomb. It will go on. May this Easter and the glorious events that follow like the Ascension, Pentecost etc. give us the strength to run ahead and inform all that He is Risen!

Assuring you all of our prayers from here and requesting your prayers for us all,

In the Risen Lord,

+George Pallipparaambil sdb

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