Arunachal youth convention concludes with prayer for peace

A four-day convention for the youth of Arunachal Pradesh concluded with a special prayer for peace in the state and in the country on 22 May at Margherita, Assam.

Around 600 youth from the eight districts of eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh concluded their four-day leadership training programme with an appeal for peace in the state and in the country, in the context of the gruesome killing Tirong Aboh, a sitting MLA along with 10 others including his son in Khonsa , Tirap district on 21 May.

Addressing the youth at the start of the peace rally, Bishop George Pallipparambil sdb of Miao Diocese appealed to all the youth to work for peace and promote peace. “Peace is the gift we give each other”, he told the youth. “Today I stand before you with so much sorrow in my heart over what happened in Tirap district. This is totally condemnable and we all must put an end to such kind of barbarism in our villages, districts and the state. I look at you with hope, dear young people, that you live in peace and promote peace by obeying the rules of the society, parents and respecting the nature”, said the salesian prelate.

The peace rally began from Divine Renewal Retreat Centre, Margherita, with candle light prayer march and with placard with slogans for appeal for peace and for stopping violence.

Our country, our state and our districts need peace now more than ever, said Miss Datliam Matey, the North East Regional Youth Representative from east Arunachal Pradesh. “We know with this rally violence will not end but if all 600 of us return to our homes to be peace promoters, peace is possible in our districts, in the state and in the country”, she told the youth.

 The killing of Shri. Abho along with his family members and personal security officers sent shock waves across the state. The ambush is suspected to be a handiwork of militant groups operating in Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts that share boundaries with Myanmar.

The youth leaders decided to conclude the convention with an appeal for peace as some of the delegates at the event were close relatives of Shri. Abho. The peace rally came to conclude with a moment of silent prayer deceased.

The youth also took a moment during the rally to pray for the new government to promote peace.

The leadership training programme that began on 19 May was organized by the Diocese of Miao in east Arunachal Pradesh in association with National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, New Delhi.