Animation for Catholic Children held at Miao Diocese

These last three weeks till 20th of November we are having a special residential animation for the Catholic students. It is held in three places for better and easier participation. These 4 days program covers many topics including the Sacraments and Catholic leadership. We have it every year in a smaller way but this year an average 270 participants join each program.

I spend one day with each group and speak to them as well as celebrate Mass for them. Honestly, I am impressed with the participation.

The fundamentalists are working hard to spread their claws slyly into these minds. In their new strategy, they do not attack any ideology directly but lead to a slow poisoning of the minds. We have to work very hard and lead the young through prayer experiences to counter and resist this. They have all the money and means of the government with them. But we are sure that we have the Lord on our side.

Your prayerful support in all these ventures will be of great help. Thank you for all that you are doing.

Imploring God’s blessings on you all, and commending ourselves and our missions to your valuable prayers,