A unique Bible for the youth released at FABC General Assembly

Miao, 22 October 2022: A unique edition of the Bible for the youth was released on Friday at the backdrop of the General Assembly of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC), currently underway at Bangkok, Thailand.

The special edition of the Bible for the young people across the world, named ‘Identity: Identified, Navigating the Challenges of Life’ was presented to the Assembly by Bishop George Pallipparambil SDB, the Chairman of the Commissions for Evangelization and Archbishop Simon Poh of Kuching, Malaysia.

Presenting the Bible, which has been created as a follow-up to the Synod on the Youth in 2018, Bishop George of Miao diocese in India said, “What makes Identity: Identified unique is not only the numerous highlighting of passages throughout it but also the inclusion of 24 four-page inserts of Catholic teaching on the big issues in life that young people face, and that were identified during the Synod on Youth. The issues of loneliness, rejection, suicide, making good choices, living in a sexualised world, where is God when it hurts, why am I here, are topics of discussion with references from the Bible”.

Terming the Bible as a work of innovative idea, Bishop George said, “What makes this Bible even more unique is that there are more than 30 QR codes. Scanning them will take the reader to video clips which have both young and older people talking about challenges in life and their favourite Bible passages that have helped them cope and identify God’s plan for them”.

The special Bible is result of a combined collaboration of Cardinal John Dew of Wellington, New Zealand, John Bergin, the Liaison Consultant of United Bible Societies, Asia-Pacific and the Office of Evangelization of FABC, with contribution from several Bishops and theologians throughout the region such Archbishop Simon Peter Poh Hoon Seng of Kuching, Malaysia, Bishop Broderick Soncuaco Pabillo of the Vicar Apostolic of Taytay in Philippines and Late Cardinal Cornelis Sim of Brunei.

Available in both printed and digital version, the Identity: Identified has an introductory message from Pope Francis, who also received one of the first copies of this Bible.

Various Episcopal Conferences are already translating it to their own languages, said Bishop George. “I am sure that this little effort will bear rich fruits as it will help people to personalize the Word of God and reduce overdependence on other”.

Calling it a great achievement in digital apostolate without ignoring the traditional print media, Archbishop Poh said, “I am sure that ‘Identity: Identified’ is going to be a great wealth in the hands of the youth of Asia Pacific”.

The release of this unique Bible has created huge enthusiasm among the youth. Josephine Magdalyn Taan, the Youth Secretary of the Malaysian Bishops’ Conference said, “This New Testament is a great tool for the youth of today” and Antony Judy, the President of Indian Catholic Youth Movement said, “I have gone through and tried a number of bar codes. It is a perfect help for the young”.

The FABC opened its General Conference on 12 October with a Eucharistic Celebration at Baan Phu Waan Pastoral Centre in Bangkok. Two hundred delegates representing 29 Asian countries are meeting until 30 October celebrating the 50 years of the Conference’s history, discussing on the theme “Journeying Together as Peoples of Asia”.